- July 10, 2017

SIBO – An Overlooked Cause of IBS and Indigestion

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a syndrome characterized by the atypical growth of bacteria in the small intestine.1 Bacteria in the small intestine, in the presence of certain dietary carbohydrates from common food sources, ferment these sugars into gas. Read More

Kiwi Fruit - Top foods for constipation
- July 7, 2017

Foods for Constipation – Effective foods for sluggish bowels

Most people suffer from constipation periodically.  Sluggish bowels produce chronic bloating and gas and cause significant discomfort.  People should consume 30-50g of fiber/day but few achieve this. Although there are a number of natural laxatives that people can take to Read More